Meet Our 2017 Vendors:

 Karen on the left with her son Viktor.

Karen on the left with her son Viktor.

  • Karen Brunelle of Karen Kneads Bread grew up a mile and a half from Holstein. After graduating high school she moved to Boston, MA, where she worked as a nanny, in a bagel shop, and a pizza shop among other things. When she live with her last nanny family they introduced her to Challah (pronounced hollah), which is a Jewish braided egg bread, that continues to be her favorite. When she moved back to Iowa she hungered for her beloved Challah so she spent years searching for the perfect recipe, and in 2016, 25 years after first trying Challah, she found it. This spring she was asked if she would bring her breads to the Farmers Market in Holstein, to which she agreed, and the success she had there encouraged her to sell at the Ida Area Farmers Market as well. She will .be bringing cinnamon rolls, Challah, wheat bread, and bread bowls.     
  • Cherri Sloan will be selling baked goods this season. She has baked for the Greene County farmers market for 5 years, and will be bringing cinnamon rolls, cookies,  quick breads, pies, candies, popcorn balls, and caramel corn to the Ida Area Famers' Market. Cherri enjoys baking and the people she meets each year.

  • Kenny and Sherry Tietsort have lived on their farm halfway between Ida Grove and Battle Creek since 1982. They have farmed and raised cattle and three years ago they started gardening again, raising a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. The Sioux City Farmers Marketis their main market, and last year Kenny helped get the Ida Area Farmers' Market started. Kenny and Sherry find that the best part about going to farmers markets is meeting new people and vendors, and they find themselves learning new things about gardening all the time.     
  • Doug Van Houten from Battle Creek is the brother in law of Kenny Tietsort, and sells a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. He has been gardening 'forever', but only sold products for the past three years. Doug says it has been trying at times, but the fun of seeing stuff grow outweighs the trying times.  
  • Golden Horizons will be bringing baked goods that the residents have made.
  • Lori Lohr primarily sells eggs, but will possibly also bring vegetables. She says: 'Which came first, the garden or the egg? At Lazy L Bar Acres, it was the garden. The chickens were added as a natural solution to the biblically sized plagues of grasshoppers dining on the vegetables. Rhode Island Reds (all named "Lucy), Buff Orphingtons (all named "Buffy"), Americaunas; "Sweetie", "Hermoine", "LeBron" and "Rizzo" (go Cubs!) round out the wicked egg layers. The guinea formerly known as Ivan keeps her nest in the pasture, to avoid possible collection. So we offer farm fresh brown, blue, and beige eggs. And maybe a few veggies too.'
  • Rita Pierson is from Cherokee, and she sells homemade artisan chocolate bars and confections.
  • Thankful Harvest, operated by the German family in Holstein, is a certified organic, grass-based farm. They have been direct marketing beef, lamb, poultry, and eggs in the region year-round for over ten years. They provide 100 percent grass-fed, certified organic beef; certified organic, soy-free, pastured poultry; certified organic, soy-free eggs; and raw honey. Sometimes they will have certified organic vegetables and homemade baked goods as well.
  • Gloria Sykes sells everything knitted from hats, and scarves, to pot scrubbers. 
  • Shettler's Garden in Carroll was started by Norman Shettler 35 years ago. Shettler's Garden is made up of 25 acres, 4 acres of strawberries, 1 acre of raspberries, a dozen appletrees, 1 acre of asparges, and the rest is sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers, beans, pear, squash, melon, cucumber and other vegetables.
 Norm Shettler's grandson selling vegetables for him our first season.

Norm Shettler's grandson selling vegetables for him our first season.

  • Faith Johnson is a farmer's daughter who likes to grow flowers. She lives with her husband on an acreage south of Arthur. She will be selling fresh flowers and produce.
  • Old Town Vineyard & Winery is a small family owned winery just east of Ida Grove on Father Daily Drive. The vineyard is now 4 acres with 9 varieties of wine grapes. At the Farmers' Market they will be selling their wine. 
  • Lakefront Garden and Gifts by Genevive Voss is based in Lake View. Genevive offers a variety of arts and crafts.
  • Susan Spotts from Battle Creek has been gardening for 20+ years. 2016 was her first year of retirement which she hoped would give her more time for gardening and selling all kinds of vegetables. She plans on selling broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, beans, peppers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes among others. She will also make and sell zucchini bread from her own zucchini.